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UC San Diego - Swimming Camps
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Camp Checklist

  • Suits, Caps, googles 
  • Fins, general swimming equipment.  A swimming type snorkel is recommend but not required
  • Athletic Shoes, Shorts, T-Shirts, Socks
  • Water bottle with name on it
  • Towels—these are not provided in dorms
  • General Toiletries—any required medications or inhalers.
  • Beach gear—if different than normal training suits etc.
  • SUNSCREEN!  Other sun protection—hat or visor, sunglasses
  • A small amount of money for purchasing items at the UCSD Bookstore or other miscellaneous items can be useful.
  • Bed linens will be provided but campers are welcome to bring any additional blankets.
  • Please leave non-essential electronics at home including cell phones etc.